We're the most trusted
Painting Company In Porter

We're the most trusted
Painting Company
In Porter

Painting is all we do. Our detailed prep, repair, and painting process ensures a long-lasting, great-looking finish. We’re dedicated to providing you with a great experience. From our detailed proposal to our communication throughout your painting project, you’ll love working with our team.

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When it comes to painting your home, you want the job done right. That’s why you should call on the experts at Russo Painting. We have been serving home owners in Porter and the surrounding area for many years, and we have a reputation for quality workmanship.

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Painting Experts

Looking for a Porter Painting Contractor?

As a #1 Rated Porter Painting Contractor, the commercial, apartment, condo, and house painters at Russo Painting will exceed your expectations! 

Are you a HomeownerBusiness OwnerProperty Manager? Or maybe someone just looking for more information on the best Porter Painting Contractor?

Russo Painting Services specializes in exterior house painting, interior house painting, staining services, and kitchen cabinet painting, has helped thousands of Porter homeowners, business owners, property managers, and other individuals in the Porter area. After some research, we’re confident you’ll find us to be the right Porter painting contractor to handle your painting project.

Other Services

Your home is not just a house and a structure with walls, ceilings, doors, rooms and windows but it serves as an expression of yourself, your character, and your personality. Our painting contractors have carefully picked local house painters who are ready to start a painting project with you! These expert painters will make sure that any painted room is a pleasant experience. At Russo Painting Company, we know that you will not settle for less, and that is why we have to ask you to consider the town’s respected painting contractor.

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Top-Rated Painters Focused On Quality Craftsmanship And Customer Service

Russo Painting Services Is The Best Porter Painting Contractor?

In short…Because we have a reputation for quality work and being budget friendly.  Our customer service is second to none. Our team is always responsive, courteous, friendly, and respectful.

At Russo Painting company, our do it all! From conception to completion, we handle every aspect of your painting or restoration project. This integrated approach reduces project time and money by streamlining each phase of implementation and eliminating the delays that often plague sub-contracted projects.


Quality workmanship that is guaranteed to last

Work from licensed professionals who are honest and hardworking

Dependable service that is completed on time and on budget

Free estimates and a fully insured crew

To review the creativity of our work and the quality of our craftsmanship, simply take a look at our Photo Gallery. Our decades worth of painting projects speak for themselves! From custom commercial projects to house painting, and more — You can trust your project or business property to our team of experts.

The success of your painting project, big or small, depends on us having the right paint supplies and tools.

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What Sets Us Apart From The  Other Porter, IN Painting Companies

We are Professional Painting Contractors!
Starting from Orland Park over 20 years ago, we now provide interior and exterior painting services in Porter at rock-bottom prices.
Russo Painting Company has been striving for quality in painting contractor services since 2000. We reply promptly to client requests for estimates and job starts and dispatch our highly experienced professional painters who specialize in careful and thorough preparatory work for the best painting results.
While serving the Porter community and homeowners for several years, we have earned our reputation as the best painting company in Porter and the surrounding area.


Interior Painting Service
Unlike some of the other Porter painting companies, Russo Painting Company is committed to providing a comprehensive interior painting service that ensures the quality of your home’s new look from start to finish. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your walls look exactly how you envisioned them to.
We have the expertise to paint the interior of your entire house or simply a single room. Our interior painters do everything to ensure that the new paint syncs with your home theme and looks great too.
Exterior Painting Service
Russo Painting Company provides the solution to protect your home’s exterior paint from the bad impact of climate change and maintain its beauty for years to come.
In exterior house painting, there are two things that are essential for long-lasting finishing: Use of high-quality materials and perfect painting process that freeze the eyes of the viewers. And since Russo Painting Company is a go-to exterior painting contractor we’re experts in both.
You may rest easy knowing that our exterior painters will only use the highest quality paints and weatherproofing supplies while working on your outside walls, deck, or any other surface. You may spend more initially,for exterior painting services, but in the long run, you’ll save money because higher-quality materials won’t wither away as quickly, preventing you from having to repaint the exterior as often.
Kitchen Cabinet Painting Service
We are professional painters in kitchen cabinets and indoor renovation. Our team of painters consist of the experts who take pleasure in spending the time and skills to return the glory of your wooden yet classical cabinets. We can go with any color contrast to make all the house colors fuse together.
Drywall Repair
The professionals at Russo Painting Company know that repairing the drywall is the true milestone for performing a perfect painting job. If you attempt to paint over damaged drywall, you’ll quickly learn the value of contracting a drywall restoration service.
No matter how high quality paint is used on a drywall, it will eventually break and peel off, wasting time and money while failing to produce the desired aesthetic effect. However, our drywall experts will patch up the holes and stress cracks in the ceiling and get it ready for a fresh coat of paint.
Wallpaper Installation
Wallpapers are making a comeback in the world of interior design, and they come in a rainbow of colors, textures, and designs. Thus, you may put your own personal stamp on any space.
However, wallpaper installation requires more skill than painting a space does and it takes practice and in-depth expertise to install wallpaper without creases or bubbles. Therefore, we have a specialized team that applies the wallpaper flawlessly and offers your room a stunning appearance.
Pressure Washing
Pressure washing may seem like a good idea at first, but if you don’t have the proper training and equipment, the results will be less than satisfactory. In Russo Painting Company, we use commercial-grade pressure washers on every job, so there’s no shortage of muscle.
As our pressure cleaning services at Russo Painting Company are second to none, our professionals guarantee your surfaces will emerge from the cleaning process unscathed.
Our professional house painters are dedicated to meeting the needs of each and every one of our customers. We strive to go above and above for our Porter clients and always provide exceptional service.
We place a strong emphasis on thorough planning and the use of high-quality materials and methods that have stood the test of time. Every customer is important to us, therefore we do everything we can to meet their particular needs.
And if you searched “Porter painting services or painters near me,” you might have already found us as one of the leading Porter painting company who you can trust blindly to get a new flashy appearance to your home, kitchen and office!
If you have any question regarding the painting work, feel free contact us
Can Russo Painting Company match paint to any color?
Yes, we can match any color of your choice with our team of experts.
Is there a difference between low VOC paints, no VOC paints and natural paints?
Yes. To a greater or lesser extent, synthetic compounds can be found in many low VOC and no VOC paints. In theory, natural paints do not use anything except organic components.
What is the best paint finish to use in kitchens, bathrooms and other high moisture rooms?
Paints with a high gloss level are the most water-resistant. Cabinets and molding in a bathroom benefit greatly from glossy finishes because of how simple they are to wipe down.
What causes white powdery deposits on stucco surfaces, and how can I fix them?
Efflorescence is the technical term for these deposits, which form when water penetrates the mortar. Salts dissolved in the mortar, block, concrete, etc., are attracted to the surface by the sun’s heat and evaporate with the moisture. The water evaporates and produces residues that look like white foam that must be cleaned off before painting can begin.
If you don’t discover and cure the source of the moisture, your paint job will fail. Use a wire brush to get rid of the efflorescence, then prime and paint the surface with the proper masonry primer.
Why is it common for paint to peel off of exterior wood decks?
Due to the presence of moisture! Typically, deck boards are only painted at their ends and tops. The lack of coating on the sides and bottom means they can soak up water from the air, as well as from rain, sprinklers, hoses, and the ground beneath the deck.
Can I use interior paints on my exterior? Or use exterior paints on my interior?
To put it simply, no. You shouldn’t paint outdoor walls with paint meant for indoor usage, and vice versa. It’s necessary to use interior paints, which are formulated to withstand inside conditions. There is no way for interior paints to withstand the weather outside because they are too brittle, weak, or lack UV protection. Interior paint is not meant for outdoor use and will fail, mildew, and peel soon.
Don’t bring outdoor paints inside. Paints designed specifically for use outdoors have chemical properties that allow them to stretch and harden in different temperatures. Exterior paints are made to be flexible at different temperatures. This is not permitted indoors, therefore it will peel and crack quickly.

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